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On September 1, 2001 eSasson Studios was created to redefine the standard of today’s web industry. Business have become ruthless in finding new ways to distinguish themselves in an ever-changing market. We hold the creative minds and innovative techniques to bring your company, organization, or product to a sleek new dimension.


Our dedicated visual architects produce interactive, user-friendly and sophisticated multimedia creations that accommodate all of our client’s needs. They tackle the complexity of modern technology to develop and fine tune your vision, while maintaining the simplicity that consumers desire.


eSasson Studios combines its knowledge and experience with your vision to deliver a superior finished product. We will establish your presence on the World Wide Web today using our SEO expertise that will allow you to spearhead the industry standards, and allow your organization to yield it’s full potential base to its clientele.

"The Top Design & SEO guys around. You can’t do better with regard to customer service, dedication, and quality of work!"

— Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik | Miami Back & Neck Specialists —

High-End Services

Small business focused service based on years of experience by passionate people.

Website Design

At eSasson Studios, our visual architects have established themselves as leaders in Website Design to bring you ground-breaking websites with standards that surpass all boundaries. We continually explore and reach new levels, unique and appropriate to every client, bringing about the precision and simplicity that consumers value.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

eSasson Studios can help you get the presence that you need on Google’s Search Engine. Our unique SEO strategy and white hat SEO best practices is guaranteed to increase your business keywords and Google maps rankings to 1st page top search results on Google. With our SEO Plans not only will you be on the 1st page of Google, your online presence will also increase gradually through numerous websites around the web. [ Head to our SEO Page for more details ]

Identity Design

eSasson Studios understands the importance of having a unique and powerful identity. Your identity is the collective aspect by which your organization is definitively recognizable. With the expertise of our graphic design team, your company, product, or organization will bear a distinct personality that will identify and communicate your message to consumers


Search Engine Optimization

95% of Google users never scroll past the first page of search results.


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SEO refers to the process of making your organization’s website rank for keywords that your potential clients are using to find your services. The process is done by establishing your online presence as leader in your area for your specific services so that google recognizes this and rewards you with high rankings. Because it has become standard now to rely on search engines to find what they are looking for, optimizing your website to rank before others translates directly to increased visibility, hits, shares and sales. Additionally, because search engines tend to value websites that are more appealing and user-friendly, optimization can have the added benefit of making your organization’s website easier to use and more attractive to potential customers. Search Engine Optimization has become an essential online marketing strategy for any local business wishing to attract new business.


Hear directly from our clients how we improved their rankings and overall business profits

Whether you are a store front business, doctor, or contractor working off site, being ranked on Google for your keywords can make or break it in the long run. In today’s competitive market, users want quick and reliable results. In fact, research shows that 95% of Google users never scroll past the first page of their search results, giving the organizations that appear on the first page a distinct edge over all others. On top of it Google’s own market research has shown that the higher up on the rankings on that first page shifts dramatically with the 1-3 spots taking the major bulk of the hits. Contact us for more details as to how eSasson Studios can take your business to the next level in your local market using SEO.


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"I run a business in NY, one of the toughest markets out there. They told me they would get me ranked on Google, but would it will take time… because it is NY. We saw results in 2 WEEKS!!!"

— Tal Alon, Royal Stays —
Local SEO is a must for any business that rely on local customers.

Make Sure Local Customers Find You First Through SEO

According to Google 80% of consumers first do a search before doing any local business. Local SEO will significantly increase traffic and visibility to your business by getting your website ranked at top of Google’s local listings.


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eSasson Studios is an SEO & website design company based in Miami, that set out to redefine the standard of today’s industry. Business have become ruthless in finding new ways to distinguish themselves in an ever-changing market to appeal to customers. Our mission is to bring your company, organization, or product to the next level through high level branding and an online presence. Our web developers combine knowledge and experience with your vision to deliver superior quality in our relationship and in your web presence. Our Local SEO expertise will allow you to spearhead the industry standards, and allow your organization to yield its full potential base to its clientele.

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