4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Responsive

July 27, 2017 Roy Sasson

4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Responsive

While having a website is crucial for any business large or small, having a mobile responsive site is becoming more and more critical. While obviously any website can be accessed through a browser on a phone, mobile responsive sites cut out excess information and features from desktop sites in order to help them load faster and make information more accessible. Here are 4 key reasons you want your website to be mobile responsive.

1. More people are using mobile than ever before
In 2014, the global number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users and has kept right on climbing. Today, desktop usage predominantly only takes place between 10am and 5pm, with smartphone and tablet usage being the highest during all other hours. This means that if your primary clients are businesses, then you may be able to get away with not having a mobile responsive site, but if your business needs to reach individuals who are often searching during non-business hours, then you need a site geared towards the device on which people are searching.

2. Mobile sites load faster
The traditional way of thinking about digital has always been “more, more, more” – more features, more animations and higher quality video requiring greater bandwidth to load, but social media giants were perhaps the first to understand that if they truly wanted to grow, they actually needed to pare back with lite versions of their sites. Good mobile responsive sites are optimized for mobile use by paring back to just the basics to help information load faster on slower networks.

3. Mobile sites allow you to be available when people need you the most
The whole allure of mobile phones and tablets is literally that they allow us to do things while we are mobile. More and more people are using travel time to conduct internet business, including mobile shopping. You need to be available when people are searching for you most, which most often means when they are mobile.

4. Mobile responsive sites look better on smaller devices
Desktops have larger screens than mobile devices, which means you can pack more onto a single page. Those large pages, however, are completely frustrating on smaller devices where the entire page can’t be viewed at once. Website design Miami optimizes your site for mobile by making pictures and buttons smaller and more spread out, making the site easier to view and to navigate.

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