4 Top Ways to Improve the Page Loading Speed of Your Webpages

June 4, 2020
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June 4, 2020 Roy Sasson

4 Top Ways to Improve the Page Loading Speed of Your Webpages

Optimizing page loading speed is an important aspect of local SEO efforts that can help improve the experience of Miami users when they land on your website. Making sure each page loads quickly is crucial as this is one of the factors used by Google’s algorithm when it’s determining where your listings should sit in its search engine results pages. Reducing the number of plugins you use, optimizing image size, using website caching, and minimizing the number of CSS and JavaScript files should help create quicker page speed loading times.

Optimizing Image Size on Your Website
Having beautiful images on your website is an essential part of keeping individuals interested in your content. However, when they are large, it can take longer to load each page, which makes a user have to wait a little longer before they can consume your content. If you have several graphics, images, or photos on pages where you show products, it may improve engagement, but it can also slow down your website considerably.

Reducing the size of each image without ruining the level of quality needs to be done by utilizing a compression tool. While this procedure does take a considerable amount of time to complete when you have several images that need to be compressed, the effort is well worth the trouble. You’ll also be able to reduce image size by using specific attributes that can adjust the size of each image, which is based on display properties. Contact eSasson Studios today if you’d like to make sure this type of optimization is being implemented properly on your business website.

Reducing the Number of Plugins Being Used
Adding plugins to your website can provide several different types of extra features. However, if you have a high number of plugins installed, each one uses specific resources, which can start to slow down the page loading speed of your website. They may even cause security issues if you have too many of them. It can be common to discover that you have a long list of plugins, which include some that are not even needed anymore.

Checking to see if you have plugins installed that need to be deleted is an excellent step to take that can optimize your page loading speed. Running performance tests on each page should help you discover the plugins being used that are slowing your site down. The page loading speed depends on both quality and the number of plugins installed. Avoiding plugins containing a high number of styles or requiring several database queries should be avoided as much as possible. Try using only a few necessary plugins.

Utilizing Website Caching
Having several people attempt to access your website at once can slow down page speed loading times and hinder your local SEO listings as well. Using website caching can help alleviate this challenge by storing specific data, such as images, and presenting it without having to reload it each time a user accesses one of your pages. Caching allows a user to view a page quicker because a database request does not have to be completed each time.

Correctly implementing website caching depends on the type of platform you are using for website development. If you’re a WordPress user, you may want to utilize a plugin. Individuals who are using a dedicated server or VPS can usually implement caching by adjusting the parameters in the general settings area.

Minimizing the number of CSS and JavaScript Files
Having a large number of CSS and JavaScript files can require your website to make several HTTP requests whenever visitors are landing on specific pages of your website. Having this occur can slow down the page loading speed in a user’s browser, which might make them want to leave your website. Speeding up the time it takes for your webpage to appear in a visitor’s browser can be completed by reducing the number of CSS and JavaScript files.

It’s usually best if you are able to group all CSS files into one and try to do the same with the JavaScript files. Taking this action should help reduce the number of HTTP requests that need to occur and allow your webpages to load much quicker. You can do this by utilizing a tool that’s designed to minify JavaScript, CSS and HTML files.

Implementing one or more of these tips should help speed up the time it takes to load your webpages. If you need any assistance with the way your website loads and want to make sure it’s done correctly, be sure to contact eSasson Studios today to discuss your needs with a skilled technician.


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