6 Important Rules to Follow When Building Backlinks

January 9, 2018
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January 9, 2018 Roy Sasson

6 Important Rules to Follow When Building Backlinks

Google updates its search ranking algorithm hundreds of times each year. Even with these changes, though, backlinks continue to hold more influence over a site’s ranking than any other signal. If you want to dominate Google and score a top search ranking, you should follow these six rules when building backlinks.

#1) Quality Over Quantity
Not all backlinks are equal. Some are higher quality than others — and these are the ones you should target in your link-building efforts. A half-dozen high-quality backlinks, for instance, are far more beneficial than hundreds or even thousands of low-quality backlinks. High-quality backlinks are characterized by few outbound links, unique on-page content, a high Alexa rating and strong relevancy with the linked site.

#2) Don’t Pay for Backlinks
Avoid the temptation of buying backlinks. In the past, webmasters could get away with this, but Google will now penalize sites engaging in this behavior. The Mountain View company even lists buying and selling backlinks as a link scheme. Regardless of what a digital marketing company promises, you should never pay for backlinks.

#3) Diversify Anchor Text
It’s also recommended that you diversify your anchor text when building backlinks. Anchor text, as you may already know, is the visible text of a backlink. By using varied anchor text, you’ll create a more natural-looking backlink portfolio while targeting a wider range of keywords in the process.

#4) Geo-Targeting Backlinks
If you want to rank your site for local keyword searches, you should try to acquire backlinks from sources relevant to the location you are targeting. Geo-targeting backlinks are an important part of local SEO. A backlink from a Miami news station, for example, will help you achieve a higher ranking for local searches than a backlink from a generic article directory.

#5) Focus on Content
The most effective way to generate backlinks is to publish high-quality content on your website. Whether it’s for global or local SEO, high-quality content is a critical component of backlinks. When other webmasters discover your content, they’ll link to it from their own sites.

#6) Monitor Your Backlinks
Finally, you should monitor your site’s backlinks so you’ll know when new links are created. How does this help exactly? By monitoring your backlinks, you can connect with bloggers and publishers who are interested in your business. If a blogger mentioned your business and links to your site, for instance, you can contact him or her to provide your own commentary and enhance your brand’s image.

Following these six rules will help you create stronger, more beneficial backlinks.


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