How to Verify Your Google My Business Listing

February 12, 2018
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February 12, 2018 Roy Sasson

How to Verify Your Google My Business Listing

Have you verified your Google My Business (GMB) listing?
Just because your business is listed on GMB doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s verified. And if your listing isn’t verified, you won’t have full control over it allowing you to fully harness your exposure on Google.

Benefits of Verifying Your GMB Listing
Anyone can create a GMB listing while impersonating another business or brand. Verifying your listing essentially tells Google, as well as other users, that you are the rightful owner of the business. Once verified, you’ll have full control over your GMB listing, preventing other users from adding incorrect information or otherwise misrepresenting your business.

According to Google, verified businesses receive 200% more leads than their non-verified counterparts. Users are more likely to contact and engage with your business if you have a verified GMB listing. After all, unverified listings may contain erroneous information about the respective business.

A verified GMB listing is a crucial component of any local SEO campaign. If you operate a local business in Miami, for instance, you can increase your search visibility by creating and verifying a GMB listing.

To start the process (even if your business is not even listed) login to your gmail account and go to

Supports Methods of Verification
Google supports several methods of verification for GMB, the most common of which is a postcard. To verify your listing via postcard, log in to your GMB account and follow the steps to find your business. Assuming it’s already listed you can simply click “Verify Now”. If your business is not there simply enter your business information to create an account.

Next, check to make sure your business’s address is correct, after which you can click “Send a postcard.” In the next few days, Google will then send you a postcard containing a five-digit code. Once you receive this postcard, log back into your GMB listing, click “Verify location” and enter the code. if the postcard doesn’t show up within 2 weeks, simply log back in and request a new postcard.

Google also allows some businesses to verify their GMB listing by phone depending on your current online presence. To see if your business is eligible for phone verification, log in to your account and click “Verify Now.” Eligible businesses will see a “Verify by phone” button at the top. Clicking this button will send a code to the phone number listed on your account, which you can enter online to verify your GMB listing.

Alternatively and ideally, you might be able to verify your GMB listing instantly if you created your listing and Google Search Console account using the same email address. If you are not sure how exactly to do this, feel free to contact us in helping you setup your account, and discuss your online presence options and potential.

Below is Google’s Step by Step Video to assist you in the process:


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