Image Optimization for better SERP Rankings

April 17, 2014
April 17, 2014 Roy Sasson

Image Optimization for better SERP Rankings

As search engine bots and crawlers continue to get smarter, the process of achieving great search ranking is—more than ever—getting complex. Now it takes more than just quality content to get on top of the common search engines. There are a plethora of elements that you must take into account to rank well in search engine result pages (or SERP) rankings, one of the most crucial being image optimization.

How do you optimize your images effectively to rank better in search engines? Here is an overview of the top tips:

Keyword-Rich ALT text:
Alt text denotes the text alternatives that you put for your images for search engines to render them appropriately. As an astute Miami online marketing expert, you should always strive to write descriptive and keyword-rich al text to boost your click-through-rates even if your site’s images don’t render properly for your users. If you opt to use an image as a link to a content or website page, ensure that the alt text is relevant to your link’s destination. This will improve your users’ experience.

Page Load times: A general rule of the thumb is to ensure that your image load time is 3-5 seconds. It’s all about your users’ experience, and search engine crawlers recognize this vital element in their ranking algorithms as well. If possible, reduce the number of image files that you need to load in a given page by combining your images and code files as well as deleting irrelevant or unnecessary images.

Clear Name files: Make you image file names are easy for search engines to comprehend. The more clues you give search engines to figure out what your website is all about, the better.

Use Supported File Types: JPEG and PNG formats are recommended

Final Thoughts
When it comes to leveraging on search engine optimization (or SEO), image optimization is an important art that you want to master. If you spend your resources on quality post, never forget to optimize your images for optimum search engine benefits.

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