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As medical professionals practicing in bricks and mortar, doctors must have a robust online presence. The competitive market of today makes it challenging to drive traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization spruces up your content by adding relevant keywords to reach a broader target audience. eSasson Studios provides you with effective SEO services to ensure that your website is ranked on the first page of Google search results. Incorporating the best strategies, we offer local SEO services for doctors in Miami and across the country.

The customer service is amazing and more than anything…the end product is amazing. We could not have picked a better company to produce our logo, website, SEO and marketing materials.

— Dr. Tiffany Sizemore-Ruiz | Ft. Lauderdale —

Keywords & Phrases

Keywords and phrases carry massive value when it comes to yielding SEO content for health experts. Although using single keywords is too competitive, it is not recommended to incorporate highly specific words either. At eSasson Studios, we are in favor of using mainstream keyword phrases to reach the target audience. Nevertheless, it is vital to consider the audience’s perspective while listing your keywords. We prefer to learn how ordinary people communicate regarding and use those words instead of jargons. For example, ‘best cardiologist’, ‘dermatologists near me’, ‘best surgeons in Miami’, etc.

A well-researched set of keywords determines the effectiveness and reach of your website. Our team takes into consideration the factors of proximity, relevance, and popularity to ensure the use of the most searched keywords in your website content. The most effective strategy is to boost your keywords by complementing them with descriptions and action words. Apart from that, we consider prominence, density, and frequency while analyzing medical keywords added to your website’s content. An ideal way of developing a keyword research strategy for a doctor’s website is to categorize the keywords into generic, local, hyperlocal, short-tail, and long-tail keywords. Moreover, since medical practice concerns closer communities, we make sure to target localities in our keywords related to local SEO content.



SEO Service built on trust & results!

eSasson Studios is a Miami based SEO company that has helped dozens of businesses thrive through Local Google Search Engine Optimization. We can help your organization get the presence needed to bring in new clients using our unique internet marketing technique. Our White Hat SEO strategy is guaranteed to increase your industry targeted keywords and Google Search rankings for optimal results. Our focus is to provide you an affordable and effective plan that can allow your business to thrive without any hidden costs or games.

Bronze Package

$299 per month
    • 5 Keywords & Phrases
    • 1st Page Ranking on Google
    • NO Yearly Contracts
    • Monthly Ranking Reports
    • Monthly Analytics Reports
    • Keyword Research & Analysis
    • SEO Audit & Conversions
    • Duplicate Suppression
    • Standard Website Optimizations
    • Standard Citations/Link Building
    • 1 Month FREE When Paid Yearly

Gold Package

$499 per month
    • 15 Keywords & Phrases
    • 1st Page Ranking on Google
    • NO Yearly Contracts
    • Monthly Ranking Reports
    • Monthly Analytics Reports
    • Keyword Research & Analysis
    • SEO Audit & Conversions
    • Duplicate Suppression
    • Advanced Website Optimizations
    • Premium Medical Citations/Link Building
    • Competitor/Back-Link Analysis
    • Monthly Blog Articles
    • Monthly Page Content Creation
    • 1 Month FREE When Paid Yearly

*Guarantee On Local SEO Accounts Above

1st Page Ranking on Google Guarantee

Google is the top search engine with the highest potential to drive audience. It is a misconception that establishing a website or social media page is sufficient for health professionals to promote their medical practice. In order to increase visibility, your website must appear on Google results’ first page. Through our powerful strategies of digital marketing, we make sure that you stand out among your competitors and access the maximum number of people through your website. We prioritize customer satisfaction over personal gain. Our main goal is to facilitate you through our expertise and loyal services in Miami without imposing any pressure. None of our three service packages obligates you to sign a yearly contract. We want to serve you for as long as you are comfortable and put us in a position to always be working hard with your interest in mind.

Monthly Ranking Reports

We provide you with the opportunity to evaluate our services on a monthly basis. Without regular monitoring and analysis, progress is impossible. Our monthly ranking reports of your website allow you to learn about its organic traffic, Google ranking, as well as remaining domain metrics. It evaluates our performance and suggests any required measures that we must take to improve the results. Eventually, we give you a definite chance to decide if your money is worth spending on us or not. The key purpose of monthly ranking reports is to gather insight, learn about the progress or any recommendations.

As much as SEO is crucial for anyone out there to boost their websites, it is a task of extreme diligence and skill. Calculation is critical to improvement in this process. Going beyond monthly rankings and understanding the Google Analytics Reports is the next in line. It paints a clearer picture of the value of our work. It is a source of learning about the website’s organic traffic. Digging deeper into the details allows one to know about the top landing pages, keywords driving the highest traffic, as well as the exit pages, etc. Google Analytics Reports also help us to evaluate the quality of traffic, which can be used to work on enhancing the number of conversions through the website.

Website Audit & Conversion

Successful SEO is essentially about auditing your website to drive qualified traffic and boost conversions. Conversions refer to the actions taken by visitors on your website, such as placing an order or appointment, or even signing up or registering an account. We facilitate our customers by using the best strategies to study market trends, competitor behaviors, and search engine algorithms to update their websites accordingly. Website auditing includes the evaluation of site speed, mobile-friendliness, broken links, and website design. It enhances the technical performance of the website by improving its architecture; hence, converting more visitors into potential buyers of your medical services.

Link Building for Medical Niche

Link building is a crucial yet challenging feature of SEO in the medical niche. It has a visible impact on determining the ranking of your website. There are certain technical aspects to consider while acquiring links. These links allow users to crawl across different websites and help search engines determine your website’s ranking. Getting high-quality links associated with your website helps drive larger traffic. As for the medical niche, you talk about sensitive topics that deal with people’s lives. eSassions Studios ensures that your website is rich with expert content and authoritativeness, and gains people’s trust.

Link building in the medical sector mainly revolves around looting your competitors’ backlinks. If people are linking their websites to your competitors, you have prominent chances to take their place too. You may find competitors at the domain level or page level. eSassons Studios helps you identify them and reach out the pages that backlink them. It is an effective tactic to approach these websites and suggest them to backlink your medical website. Guest posting is still the most successful way to acquire high-quality links for your website. We help you by identifying the guest posts of your competitor’s and replicating them for the back linking sites.

Apart from that, the medical niche is predominantly impacted by the trends. eSassons Studios is determined to improve your websites ranking by producing monthly blog articles related to your medical field of practice. It helps you attract more visitors and improves your chances of link building. It is an effective strategy to gain popularity and reach in the health sector.

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