SEO for Doctors 2020

November 3, 2020
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November 3, 2020 Roy Sasson

SEO for Doctors 2020

SEO is a Must for Medical Practices Today

As a doctor, your profession is treating people and helping them avoid contracting diseases. However, for your business to survive in today’s competitive market, you will need to draw clients to your clinic or hospital. But how exactly do you do this?

Most people have turned to search engines to find doctors within their area. This means you should be optimizing your website to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP) for you to stay ahead of your competition. This is the role that SEO for doctors plays.

How SEO for Doctors Saves You Time and eliminates Stress
There are a myriad of doctor SEO strategies that we could apply to drive your medical website’s traffic. With high web traffic and a high conversion rate, you are assured that your sales will stay above your competitors. Some of the benefits of well-thought doctor SEO strategies include:

Higher Targeted Leads
If you searched for a doctor on google right now, you would receive millions of results. But if you searched for a doctor within a specific geographic position, you will note that the results drop significantly. Search engine optimization for doctors puts your website in front of potential clients who are looking for medical services you offer in real-time.

Since the leads from local medical SEO are more targeted and a great fit for your profession, the chances that the searcher will visit your website for more information are high. Traffic from local searches has a higher conversion rate.

It is Affordable
Compared to traditional advertising, medical practice SEO is way cheaper. Traditional advertising is limited in terms of its reach and has a shorter life span. On the other hand, You can reach a larger audience over a longer duration of time with just a low cost with SEO for doctors.

Not only does doctor SEO offer a high return on investment, but it also allows your business to compete fairly for organic traffic with larger medical practices that have the capital to invest in bigger ad campaigns.

It Will Make You A Source of Authority
SERP rankings are, in part, determined by the traffic visiting your site and how these visitors interact with the site. Do they respond by spending more time on your site, or do they immediately bounce back the SERP for a better option?

For this reason, websites ranking high on the search engine results page are viewed as being more trustworthy compared to those with low rankings. As your ranking goes up with the help of an expert in SEO for medical practice, the public interest in your practice increases as well. Public trust is a critical factor when one is choosing a physician.

SEO Tips for Doctors
Now that you know what SEO for doctors can do for your practice and marketing strategy, following these medical SEO tips will help accelerate the process:

Local SEO for Doctors
Most people prefer visiting the doctor near their home or location. This means that their google search will definitely include a specific town or neighborhood. Local SEO helps optimize your website for such searches. It will help you reach more potential clients.

It entails including your location in the web page content, the URL, title tag, and meta description. Also, be sure to include your address at the page’s footer. This address should be the same across all the website pages, Google Maps, social media pages, and online medical directories.

Creating Quality Original Content
There are a number of ranking factors that search engines consider when ranking web pages for SERP. Fresh and relevant content, traffic, and the number of web pages are some of them. To make sure your website is ever updated, consider publishing a fresh post every week.

Creating new content not only adds pages to your website but also helps attract more potential visitors and clients. When creating the content, focus on topics that draw more attention and use keywords that most people use when searching the topic on search engines.

Most importantly, make sure your page content is unique, interesting, and helpful to potential clients. Search engines also penalize copied content.

Building High-Quality Backlinks
When your medical website content is referenced by practitioners, it becomes more credible and subsequently ranks higher in SERP. The results are even better when reputable websites in the medical profession link to your content.

The best strategy to attract more backlinks is to create unique, interesting, and helpful content. You can consider using more interactive tools such as infographics to make your content more appealing.


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