SEO Marketing for Bariatric Surgeons

September 8, 2022
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September 8, 2022 Roy Sasson

SEO Marketing for Bariatric Surgeons

SEO is a Must for Medical Practices Today


With the rise of search engine optimization (SEO), the competition for ranking highly on Google and other search engines has never been greater. As a bariatric surgeon in your local area, you need to be on top of your marketing to draw clients by appearing higher on search engine results pages (SERP) listings. Implementing SEO marketing strategies on your website will help you stay ahead of potential competitors and ensure your business thrives.

Many struggle to find a treatment for obesity and its accompanying health problems. One area where the struggle is particularly abysmal is when people search for physicians in their area who are qualified to perform Bariatric surgery. Most people want to find a nearby doctor with the right qualifications.

By implementing SEO strategies, you can hook in all these clients who are searching for a well qualified surgeon and maintain a competitive edge over other surgeons in your area who are not enforcing SEO practices. You should also bear in mind that SEO strategies will not only help you boost your business throughout the year but will provide you with the opportunity to grow exponentially.

What Is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing is optimizing your website so it ranks highly in search engines establishing yourself as a clear leader in your market.  Google prides itself on providing you the best quality results, so you have to make sure that you embody that image in Google’s eyes. Here are some of the main areas that need focus in order to achieve this:

  • Making sure your website is optimized with the proper content, keywords, and phrases.
  • Laying out your website in a modern and effective manner so that people can find the pages they seek out quickly.
  • Creating content pages and blog posts to continue to expand your potential landing pages on search engines

SEO marketing is a process that you must continually monitor to ensure your site remains at the top of the search results in your area. Here, our professional SEO team will continue the process by reviewing your website and implementing changes on a consistent basis that can bring you more business.

Benefits Of SEO Marketing for Bariatric Surgeons

A well-thought plan for your website will not only help you optimize it for search engines, but it will also do the following:

1. Increase Patients Stream

Local medical SEO will make your site appear higher on search results for a local bariatric doctor. This will also ensure that you get higher rankings for the keyword phrases that people are more commonly searching for. All of these factors will drive more traffic to your website, increasing inbound links and eventually resulting in more patients coming through the door of your practice.

2. Establish Trust and Credibility

Your page ranking on Google and other search engines will speak volumes about your business. You will want to ensure that your content is of the highest quality and that you are your area’s go-to person for bariatric surgery. By ensuring that all of your data is correct, your credibility as a doctor and establishment will be firmly established.

An SEO medical expert will help increase your page ranking and visibility, thereby increasing public trust in your business.

3. It Is Cost-Effective

Medical SEO Marketing will provide you with a more efficient marketing and opportunities to reach more potential patients at a cost that essentially pays itself. Unlike PPC where you are paying for clicks irrelevant to real leads, with SEO you pay a flat fee that has unlimited potential. Additionally you can choose to only pay for what you use rather than hiring an expensive agency to handle all of your advertising.

Once you have the right team of medical SEO professionals who are educated in what they do and how they can help your practice, you will see that your investment is paying off. Your ranking in search engines will improve, and more people will be able to find your practice, which means more patients and success.

4. Increase Patient Engagement

SEO for doctors will help your website become more interactive with your clients. Having articles and blog posts about topics that are important to patients will give them the opportunity to interact with you through the content. They will be able to get a personalized interaction with you from the information they see, and most of all, they will know that they can trust you before they ever meet you in person.

5. Increase Patient Loyalty

Search engine optimization can increase customer loyalty by showcasing your practice and being available for questions at the snap of a finger. Customers will become loyal to your practice when they know you are available to them anytime if they have questions.

Customer engagement from social media can also help bring in more patients interested in the type of care your practice offers. By posting on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you will be showcasing yourself to the world and can build hype around what you offer and what your patients are saying.

How Do You Optimize Your Website?

To understand what exactly goes on in the SEO prcoess here are some elements we incorporate into our SEO marketing strategies to keep your practice one step ahead of your competition.

1. Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most powerful ways to get more clients through the door. These clients are actively searching for a bariatric surgeon in your area. By creating an information-packed website that answers your prospects’ questions and provides them with the means to contact you, you will be at the top of their list should they decide to move forward with surgery. Your site should include your address on its meta tags, URL, footer, and content. This will ensure that people can find your physical location without calling you for additional information. Your website should also include a Google map embded so it can be easily located from anywhere, but also showing google you’re using their technologies and sending signals of activity.

Optimizing your Google local listing is another way to get clients in the door. You will want to ensure that all your business information is listed correctly and verified properly, so you rank highly on search engine results pages for your area. Many practices not have incorrect information, but lacking the knowledge of what to fill in, how to effectively fill it in, and what structure provides the best impact for ranking.

2. Keyword Research

One of your greatest allies in the search engine wars is keyword research. This will let you know what phrases are being searched for and which ones you need to focus on ranking for. By utilizing our local SEO service, we will be able to provide you with lists of keywords that can help your website appear higher on the search results page.

3. Content Optimization

Your website should have valuable and original content on it. It should be written by you or another reliable source that can help answer your prospects’ questions. We will use a web crawler to locate where your site ranks in your area and what additional content you need to create to improve its rankings.

4. Social Media Optimization

Creating the correct social media accounts, including TikTok and Instagram where visual is the primary focus, is a crucial part of your SEO strategy. This will allow you to get in touch with your clients who are actively seeking you out and will help you stay on the radar of anyone who is wondering who the best bariatric surgeon in your area is. Using these social media platforms will also enhance the optimization of your website content by search engines as well by linking back and forth to them to create a complete marketing solution.

5. Blogging & Page Content Creation

Without a doubt, blogging and page content creation is one of the pillars of SEO. The more content you have on your site, the better. Posting blog posts on your site will keep your website in front of people and keep search engines crawling through its pages. Page content creation gives google more reasons and more opportunities to list your site for more specific targeted searches. We  you optimize your blog posts and content pages, so you receive maximum exposure from the search engines for those specific keywords and phrases that will bring patients in.


Bariatric surgery is not just a procedure that you do. It is a lifestyle change for your patients. These patients need support and encouragement from their doctors, and the best way to create this is making it easy to find you through SEO marketing strategies. By partnering with a Marketer who has experience in medical practice and is proven to bring results, you can work together to establish the best plan for your practice needs, drive more traffic to your site, keep patients engaged with you and build trust in what you provide as a doctor. All these things will result in more patients, success, and revenue.


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